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Red Tex Bangladesh is a Garments Buying House Based in Dhaka capital of Bangladesh. We are in this business for the last 6 years but serving this industry for the long time. In Bangladesh we have more than 5000 better quality Garments Factories; they are serving USA, Europe and Australian Buyers.  Red Tex Bangladesh is working with ETP facilitate units and who are maintaining Environment issues. Red Tex Bangladesh is located at the center of the town. We are at Nikunja 2, 2 KM from SHAH JALAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Our Garment Factories are also very close to our office. Dhaka is a crowded city that's why we decided to stay closer to the International Airport. International Buyers can visit our office very easily. Around our office we have couple of International Hotel chain. "Dhaka Regency Hotel" is walking distance form our office and Dhaka - "Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel" is around half KM from our office.
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Our Director :

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